New York K-9 Training - where every opportunity is a training opportunity...

Without training, a dog may still be a friend to you, but how do you know that your dog is safe and reliable in all situations? The answer is that without training, you can never have 100% security and confidence.

New York K-9 Training can effectively guide you to achieve your desired goals without yelling, harsh corrections and absolutely no physical intimidation, ever!

Here is what you can expect your dog to learn through training:

  • Basic obedience (sit, down, hold, out, close, leave it, etc)
  • Remain in the desired position despite any distractions
  • Come when called/Listen to owner's requests as needed
  • Go to a specified place when strangers arrive at the door
  • Greet other dogs and humans respectfully
  • Remain reliable and safe, on and off leash, in all circumstances
  • Respond to special needs/commands tailor-fit to the environment
  • Protect your home and property from intruders